Mandy Phelps-Lovell

Mandy is co-owner of Concierge. Before Concierge she travelled extensively and then worked within the finance sector for a couple of decades and retired early in 2018 to focus on family, both human and the furry kind.

Mandy is an outdoor enthusiast, she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the challenge, walked continuously from London to Brighton for charity and walked across burning coals just for fun!

  • Canine Behaviour Training Diploma
  • Canine Communication Diploma
  • Canine First Aid Diploma 

Matty Lovell


Matty is co-owner of Concierge. Matt is also co-owner of a local taxi firm and when he is not being ‘MR Taxi’, he enjoys running marathons, nine so far and he intends to complete another two or three in 2021. Matty loves all sports and generally being outside, especially with his canine friends.