The house, pets and garden are sorted. Now you can finally relax and enjoy your time away from home.

This is the whole point for house owners - when you know that everything is being looked after, you feel an enormous sense of relief.

Having Concierge Guernsey look after your home also means you can get regular updates on house and /or pets, for the entire time you're away.

House Security

There is nothing more secure than having Concierge Guernsey look after your home while you’re away.

An empty home is a target for burglars and vandals, and many insurance policies won’t cover the house if you’re away for too long. A house-sitter can also deal with emergencies (eg storm damage) and are just a phone call away.


Free pet care

A house sitter provides personal, loving home-based pet-care while you’re away.

Human company, individual attention and familiar routines in their own home will ensure that your beautiful companions are happy and healthy.


Garden maintenance

Get free garden care while you're away, and return to a thriving garden.

Most house sitters are very happy to water the plants, trim a hedge or mow a lawn. Many of them are property owners themselves and take a lot of pride in keeping a garden healthy and beautiful.

Make sure your oasis is verdant and flourishing on your return - get a house sitter.